April 2018

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing the very talented Paul Roland who is a recording artist and the author of many books that included 'The Nuremberg Trials: The Nazis and Their Crimes Against Humanity' and one I recently added to my own read pile 'The Crimes of Jack the Ripper'.


NEW Bolan Biography!
Italian rock music specialists Tsunami Edizioni have just published my new Bolan biography, ‘Bolan Boogie’, which looks superb and is very nicely illustrated. Response at the Turin book fair they tell me was very positive and it is hoped that it will be translated into other languages (including English) in the coming year. Here’s a snippet from the preface which explains why I felt the need to write another Bolan book and what Marc’s music has meant to me.

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The Curious Case Of H.P Lovecraft


‘You need to read him – he’s where the darkness starts.’ – Neil Gaiman

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was haunted by demons. They stalked him in daylight and darkness alike, from childhood until his premature death at the age of 47. They took the form of his earliest memories – of losing his father and of life with his hysterical, emotionally abusive mother.

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- The Life and Music of Marc Bolan

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Ghosts and the Spirit World

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- Back to the Future With the New Victorians

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Casebook: Jack The Ripper
- The Crimes Of Jack The Ripper

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